FALL 2020:
- Exhibition: Mapamundistas. La Transformación 
La Ciudadela Pamplona (ES) - Sept/Oct 20
- Talk: Paisaje y Tiempo. Del Archivo Histórico a la Imagen Digital. MCP. Pamplona (ES) - Oct
- Talk: Working with Archives. Creating Fictions & Building Counter-Narratives. KABK. The Hague. (NL) - Oct
- Exhibition: PASS IT ON. Private Stories - Public Histories
FOTODOK (NL) - Nov/Feb 20/21


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Northern Vessels

Northern Vessels
30 Slides
Projection B&W
No sound
Variable Dimensions
Northern Vessels is a polyphonic story about navigation and disappearance in the Arctic.

“ ... the most dreaded stretch in that part of the Arctic Ocean. Many are the vessels that have made their last voyage here.”
Roald Amundsen - The North West Passage